Quality is an elusive concept. Like Tao, it cannot be named. To name it is to lose it, said Phaedrus. However, you have always known it. In 1973 classic, ZAMM, Phaedrus provided a theory of Quality, the Narrator applied it to life. Inspired by both minds of a great genius, the content herein is dedicated to finding Quality in description and application. Quality is an ever-present discovery in nature runs through all endeavors of man. As we progress through the 21st century, meaningless political turmoil, ideologies, lackluster values, mediocrity, technophilia, nihilism, and all manner of low quality pervades our modern experience. Yet, through the magnificence endowed upon us by evolution and by God, we are capable of greatness. My hope is to chase and integrate the ghost of Quality to the highest degree I am able, small as that may be.

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