A Philosophy Whose Time has Come – Plus, Book Club Anyone?

I think the MOQ is a philosophy whose time has come. I will reiterate why it’s time to take this seriously. We need a way of seeing things that tap into the eternal pattern of the universe. This may sound airy-fairy but it’s is far from that in my opinion. In fact, two very functional philosophies, Zen Buddhism and James’ pragmatism can marry up to be so useful as a way to operate in the world as in the metaphysics of Quality.

In Zamm, Phaedrus realizes that hypotheses are pretty much infinite. So how do you figure what’s right? What’s best? That was the catalyst for finding the Ghost of Reason (that said there was a Good that could be arrived at dialectically), and thrashing it good. Phaedrus knew a new metaphysics was in order. One that could discern the best facts. So, we need a new way of conceptualizing what’s best, otherwise, we’re stuck relying on reason for this job, and as we see nowadays, from the same facts you get both Yanni and Laurel.

So you see why it is being said facts don’t matter? Because information has become so complex that our old Subject/Object metaphysics (SOM) can’t handle it anymore. Remember that in The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, once language became sufficiently metaphor-rich, people became able to hold abstractions in mind, and they didn’t need the Gods anymore. Now we don’t need the Ghost of Reason as we once did.


I want to see if anyone is interested in reading ZAMM with me. I’ve read it and listened to it a few times, but now I want to go back and read it more carefully with special emphasis on tracing the evolution of the MOQ, I think.

So my question is to you all, is should we do some kind of book club? Maybe have a dialog in the comment sections. OR even if Anyone who is interested, we could do some split screen discussions which I can post. Let’s get this show on the road!

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